Institute of Michigan Real Estate Careers Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons pre-license in classroom courses held here. The Best Western Hotel 16999 S. Laurel Park Drive, Livonia, Michigan 48154  The Conference Center or Greater Faith Transition Center Inc. 670 Onandaga Avenue, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198. Formally Kaizer Elementary School.

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Real Estate Salespersons Fundamentals Course, ( 1040 ) 40 hours of real estate fundamentals with 3 hours of Civil Rights Law. This course is approved by the State of Michigan. Focusing on Real Estate Principles and Practices along with Real Estate Laws. A course outlining and focusing on covering real estate concepts in the 40 hour course. Michigan License Law and Rules, Fair Housing ,Federal and State Environmental Laws, Finance Mortgage Calculator Issues, Comparative Market Analysis presentation tools.



                             Broker / Managing a Real Estate Office Course - ( 1100 ) The advance real estate 30 hour course has 3 hours of Civil Rights Law and Equal Opportunity in Housing. The real estate broker course can teach you  in these areas for, Managing a Michigan Real Estate Office"some of the areas are taught, recruiting, selecting and hiring the staff or marketing and advertising or leadership and management skills and structuring business systems and directing the start-up of individual ran and the franchise ran companies and more.............


              Broker / Investment Course -  ( 1600 ) The advance real estate investment 30 hour course with 3 hours Civil Rights Law and Equal Opportunity in Housing works with furthering the real estate agents professional knowledge development in the financial investors markets in the course the pre-licensee will be supplied investment policies for financing in such areas as retail shops and  office buildings and large residential land investments


           Broker / Property Management -  ( 1650 ) The advance real estate property management  30 hour course with 3 hours in Civil Right law and Equal Opportunity in Housing. A practical discussion explores daily issues facing practitioners, such as maintenance, accounting administrative and legal activities.


Institute of Michigan Real Estate Careers Real Estate Careers, Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons Online Courses

Michigan Salesperson's Fundamentals of Real Estate Online Course ( 3040 )

          It has everything needed to satisfy Michigan's State education requirement for a real estate salesperson to qualify to take the state licensing exam. This 40-hour real estate pre-license course is a affordable, convenient way to prepare you with the knowledge needed to pass the state exam and begin a successful career in real estate.

Highlights include Michigan license Laws & Rules, Contract, Liens & Community Ownership, Taxation, Pricing Property, Introduction to Finance & Real Estate Math, Property Descriptions & Title and Property Ownership and leasing Use.

Brokers (Preparation) Online Course  (3250)

     This course satisfies 30 hours of mandatory Broker Preparation education required in Michigan. In addition course includes the mandatory 9 hours of Civil Rights Law and Equal Opportunity requirement by the State of Michigan to qualification for the state licensing exam to become a broker. Other highlight topics include: Liens, Land use, Titles and Title Transfers, Leasing and Property Management and Community and Property Ownership.

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Online Course ( 3500 )

            Become a better and more effective broker by gaining further insight into commercial real estate. This course fulfills 30 of the 90 hours of education requirement in Michigan to qualify to take the state broker exam. Highlights Include Commercial Leases Environmental Regulations, Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosures Act (ILSFDA), Commercial Real Estate Principles and the Brownfield Economic Redevelopment Initiative. Please note that no his course.hours of Civil Rights and Equal opportunity in Housing are included in this course.

Michigan Valuation of Residential Properties Online Course ( 3045 )

      It is integral to understand the appraisal process for residential real estate. Learn the three approaches to valuation. This course fulfills 30 of the 90 hours education required in Michigan to take the licensing exam to a real estate broker. Highlights include:Real Estate Appraisal principles and practices. Markets for residential Real Estate. Data Analysis in Regards to Appraisal, and site Description and Analysis. Please note that no hours of Civil Rights Law and Equal Opportunity in Housing are are included in the course.

Broker Real Estate Finance Online Course ( 3500 )

         The course included contemporary topics of residential real estate finance and how financial markets work. It also includes current principles and practices of real estate finance resulting from the financial crisis and mortgage meltdown. It provides coverage of specialized mortgage lending procedures, changes in federal regulations of financing, mortgage appraisal, property analysis, settlement procedures and more. Please note that no hours of Civil Rights Law and Equal Opportunity in Housing are not included in the course.

Real Estate Continuing Education Courses / 2016

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 Ethics of Real Estate  ( C000830 )

        This course covers the ( 4 ) hours, Codes of Ethics and Standards of Practices established by the National Association of Realtors. The articles of the code are supplemented with definition terms examples of ethics and unethical practices. scenarios and decision making exercises, Violation sanctions are also addressed